Dwindling Bee Populations

You may not have ever considered keeping bees but information regarding the dwindling Bee populations may have made you wonder if beekeeping could be considered a new way to help save the planet.

A recent report states that there will be several new studies to look at just why Bee populations around the world are dwindling. These studies will look at things like pesticides, disease and loss of habitat. The reason why this is so important may not be apparent to a lot of us, but when you see that in some parts of the world manual pollination of certain food producing plants is already taking place, it soon becomes apparent that we need to get an understanding of this problem very soon.

These projects are to be funded by the Insect Pollinators Initiative (IPI), and will look into the decline of other pollinators such as wasps and butterflies. Others are trying to get businesses to realise the future financial problems that could occur if this decline in pollinators is not stopped, by calculating just how much the produce that we rely upon will increase if manual pollination needs to become more widespread. It is thought that by introducing financial information into the picture businesses will be helped to understand the importance of projects like the one funded by the IPI.

Information regarding Bees and other pollinators will also help us to understand the wider ecological issues. Wild plants rely on these insects for pollination and these plants then feed other species further up the food chain. These plants are also involved in promoting fertile soil conditions for future planting.

Whatever these studies eventually produce it seems obvious that the use of more and more pesticides, insect diseases and loss of habitat all contribute to the decline of honeybees and other important pollinators. This means that it is important that we make our own gardens more appealing to such insects or maybe even consider joining the ranks of those who keep bees as a hobby or even a small business.

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