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Dwindling Bee Populations

You may not have ever considered keeping bees but information regarding the dwindling Bee populations may have made you wonder if beekeeping could be considered a new way to help save the planet. A recent report states that there will be several new studies to look at just why Bee populations around the world are […]

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4 Endangered Animals in Need of Protection

Endangered Wildlife: A Global Issue Across the globe, more and more animal species face extinction. From the rhinos and great apes in Africa, the elephants in Asia, to the tigers in India, animals are becoming increasingly endangered. Conservation organisers have now developed the concept of gap years for adults where people volunteer to do animal […]

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Grey Whale Migration

For thousands of years Grey Whales have made an annual pilgrimage from the nutrient rich waters in the Northern Pacific to the tranquil bays of Baja California. The Grey Whale population was bordering on extinction in the 1850′s to the early 1900′s. Mainly due to over hunting by floating factories and whalers that found the […]

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