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E-Waste Surging in Developing Countries

According to the news of, by the year of 1020 electronic waste from old computers will be doubled from 200 to 400 percent in South Africa and China and will increase by 500 percent in India. The most concerning part is that these countries don’t have any concrete plan or system to tackle hazardous e-waste and most of them are improperly handled or discarded.

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How Do Oil Spills Happen?

Author: James Hunt When we hear about an oil spill that has occurred in some part of the world we may be unaware of just how much oil has been spilled into either the water or on land. When we are talking about an oil spill, we are talking about a huge amount of oil […]

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Dwindling Bee Populations

You may not have ever considered keeping bees but information regarding the dwindling Bee populations may have made you wonder if beekeeping could be considered a new way to help save the planet. A recent report states that there will be several new studies to look at just why Bee populations around the world are […]

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