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The Earth’s Newest Island

By Anthony Ricigliano – Articles And PRs by Anthony Ricigliano: The Earth has a brand new island in the form of a chunk of ice four times the size of Manhattan after it broke off from the Petermann Glacier in Greenland. The ice island is slowly drifting across the Arctic Ocean with the potential to make its way toward oil platforms and busy shipping lanes off of Newfoundland.

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Carbon Trading For You and Me

We all have a way of life, and while some of us can afford to put solar panels on our houses, there are still emissions produced from everything we do every day, from the production of the clothes you wear, to the furniture you sit on, and from the food you eat, to the services […]

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Is Something Missing From the Green Movement?

Earth Day, 2009 has passed. The popularity of the organic lifestyle or green living has traveled far and has reached international proportions. However, are we missing a major green component? The green lifestyle has become a new way of life for politicians, celebrities and consumers. In fact, support for protecting our climate and environment has become […]

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