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Green Living Paradigm Leads to Healthier Home and Environment

Energy and sustainability fuel many facets of life in the world. A catalyst for homes, schools, industries, universities and businesses, the diversity of enterprises is driven by a common bound to move to a greener, more sustainable form of living. While we all use energy to power our daily activities, many people take renewable and […]

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Asbestos Lawsuit Bill Gets Green Signal From Texas Senate

In what could be the most important legislation to be passed in recent months, the Texas Senate has passed the mesothelioma Senate Bill 1123 by a 19-11 margin. This bill will help people exposed to asbestos seek damages in an easier manner. The bill applies only to mesothelioma sufferers and was moved by Sen. Robert […]

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Green Living: What it’s Really About

When you hear the term “green living”, you may get an image in your head of hippies living in communes making everything they use. Truth is:  the definition of green living has changed. The concept simply includes doing things to help the environment be viable for future generations. If you don’t feel like shedding your […]

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