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Who Deserves the Green Light?

Plenty of products these days claim to be environmentally friendly, recyclable or biodegradable. And the list of buzzwords for environmental marketing claims continues to grow. But how many of these claims stretch the truth just to sell more product? By creating a set of regulations, Hubert Humphrey III says he hopes to stop what he […]

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Google enhances green technology development

Mega search engine, today announced an investment of $10.25 million in advancing the development of green technologies. Google is supporting a technology called, Enhanced Geothermal Systems, to help meet its goal of providing enough green energy to power a city the size of San Francisco. Through Google’s philanthropic entity, an initiative dubbed “Renewable […]

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Geothermal energy holds key benefits to clean electricity

Renewable energy projects are beginning to show the world just how efficient and safe, producing electricity can be. Rising costs of fossil fuels have given cities and nations a reason to look to nature to provide the power by which we live. While alternative energy is a fairly recent trend, countless hours have already been […]

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