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IBM’s World Community Grid – Computing for Healthy Water

IBM’s philanthropic arm is currently funding a number of water-related research projects to help improve water quality throughout the world. Members of World Community Grid can donate their idle computer time to help researchers discover better and more efficient methods of keeping our rivers, lakes, and watersheds free of pollution. Over 520,000 registered members have […]

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Offshore drilling resistance evaporating

Today, the Worldwatch Institute published an article detailing a decline in offshore drilling opposition in sharp contrast to the year 1982 when the drilling moratorium was enacted. Further expansions by George H. W. Bush in 1990 extended the moratorium to include the coasts of Florida, California and New England. With the presidency of Clinton in […]

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Poor water quality being addressed by UN

The earth’s most abundant resource, and still we have trouble finding adequate clean drinking water for nearly 1 billion people worldwide. Climate forecasts can play a role in planning for meteorological events that contaminate and pollute water reserves. With pollution levels rising and frequent flooding throughout the world, advanced warning and proper monitoring could help […]

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