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Smart Meters – How to Manage Your Business Energy Needs Better

As one of the components in the Energy360™ suite of services, Smart metering makes it easier for you to achieve your financial and environmental objectives. It shows you what your energy and financial commitments really are, while at the same time reducing your administration. In addition – and potentially even more importantly – it can […]

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Efficient Lighting at Lightfair International 2009

For one of the first times since its invention, lighting is taking center stage. One of the keys to developing a more energy efficient, “greener” world, lighting technology has become highly efficient. Where as other forward-looking measures to save energy, such as bio-fuels and wind farms, are still developing, effective lighting technology is available now. Yet, 85% of existing buildings […]

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Organic Plastics Are the Hot Ticket in Brazil

It seems everyone is looking to environmental manufacturing these days and not just in the United States but globally. In fact, Brazil working on Organic Plastics, corn derivatives, perhaps also left-over sugar cane ethanol derivatives. When these plastic products are disposed of they can be burned or incinerated with other trash, without putting out the […]

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