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Renting as a Green Concept

In a era of over consumption and waste its time to think outside of the box and consider Renting certain goods and services as an alternative to buying them. Especially when they are the types of things that we do not use often. Renting things naturally reuses them and therefore recycles a wide variety of consumer products. There are websites out there like that can help you find almost anything for rent.

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Cayman Island Adventures

  I visited the Cayman Islands a few years ago fairly soon after the islands had been hit by a strong hurricane.  Even though this area takes a beating during hurricane season, the waters and beaches surrounding the island are extremely beautiful.  Corals, fish, and stingrays are some of the highlights of this popular destination.  While […]

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Experience the Boundary Waters

One of my favorite vacations of all time was spent canoeing on the Boundary Waters on the Canadian/Minnesota border.  With water so clear you are able to see the bottom in 10 feet of water, and a pristine environment covering over 1 million acres of untouched wilderness.  If you enjoy camping, canoeing, and fishing, these waters […]

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