Steps for a Green Lifestyle

Valley of Gold

While completely converting to a Green lifestyle will take a big commitment, there are many things you can do at home to get started.

1. Turn off your electronics when you leave the house. Turn off those lights and TV every time you walk out the door. This not only saves fossil fuels, but keeps your electricity bills low so you can have more money for the things you enjoy.

2. Car pool and use public transportation. This can be difficult at times with the fast paced reality of the current world, but car pooling even 1 day a week will help your pocket book, relieve traffic congestion, and reduce the dependence on oil.
3.  Efficient appliances.  Not only will replacing old appliances save you money on your electricity bills, it will decrease the ‘carbon footprint’ left by you and your family.  Air conditioners, furnaces, refrigerators, washers, and dryers should be the prime targets of your energy efficient appliance search.

4.  Insulation.  Proper insulation throughout your house and attic can save as much as 20% off of your heating and cooling bills.  Partnered with new low energy appliances, this will get you on the right foot for living a clean green lifestyle.

5.  Recycle..Recycle..Recycle.  Most cities have curbside pickup of recyclables.  Take advantage of this oppurtunity to help our society reuse those items that we use everyday.  Food and other organic items can be placed in a backyard compost pile and used as fertile for plants and gardens.




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