What Are You Doing to Help?

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With the planet in so much peril of just burning up all resources that are used to exist, it is little wonder that many are jumping on the bandwagon of living green in order to save what is left of the earth. There has definitely been a major concern that future generations will not have a world to enjoy if steps are not taken immediately. That’s why education in living eco friendly is so important.

A misconception about going green is that it is very hard work and a difficult lifestyle. While, admittedly, it IS a seriously big commitment, there is no need for it to make your life one of only hard work. You’re probably thinking about the pioneers of years ago and how they had to live. Wipe those thoughts completely out of your head. People today are far more advanced in the conveniences they have than those poor settlers were. Think of it in this way: You will only be finding better ways to do things you are already doing.

For example, something that most people already do without really thinking about it is recycling. This is an eco friendly practice that has been going on for years in an effort to keep the earth from being so cluttered with useless products. You may already have been collecting soda cans for a little bit of extra money. That is considered to be recycling when you turn them in to the recycling collection center. By simply designating a bin for plastic, paper, and glass, you can toss each item in its own spot. When the bins are full, simply haul them in to the local recycling plant. You may even be lucky enough to live in a town where your recycled items are picked up for you on a regular basis.

Something else that many people do in order to live green is by just planting a garden each year. This is another way of conserving the planet that you may not realize is something green families do. It is an activity that has been engaged in for centuries. In the beginning, a garden was mostly created so that families would have food. Later, it was done by many as a way to have vegetables and fruits that were fresh and tasty.

The canning and preserving of the vegetables and fruits is another green activity that is still practiced today. Pantries all over the world are stocked each summer with jars and jars of vegetables, jams, jellies, preserves, and sauces. These will be enjoyed all through the winter months until spring comes and it’s time to plant again.

If you are someone who is already doing these very basic things you can consider yourself as someone who cares about the earth and is actively working to save it. Maybe you will want to get a bit more involved by taking some extra, more complicated, steps to live green. However, even if this is all you ever do, know that you are still contributing to the salvation of the planet for future generations.
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  1. A lot of people around the globe are beginning to go back to the old ways. The things we did in the old days were commensense, but global corporations have been trying to extract extra dollars wherever possible. In NZ people are realising our lakes are dying and TALK is not going to help them. People are getting off their backsides and beginning to take action. Dairy farm run-off is affecting the water in streams, rivers and the lakes. The finger is now being pointed at dairy farmers and they will have to do something to prevent run-off contaminated water from their farms!

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