Global Warming Facts

Global Warming

If you regularly watch television, surf the internet, or listen to the radio, there is a good chance that you have heard about global warming.

Press and media outlets have elevated the issue in the public consciousness through their increased coverage. Being concerned about the issue is something that many of us are, thanks in part to the continuing debate and disagreements over the issue. After all, so much is at stake for our future family members.

Fighting against global warming does not have to take a lot of effort or money out of your pocket. There is entirely too much emphasis placed on vehicles and appliances that are energy efficient. Every little bit helps, and if you do not have the budget for the big items, there are less expensive ways to become proactive.

Your home is the key to helping you combat global warming.

If you are not using an electrical appliance, such as your computer, shut it off. As an added bonus, your electricity bill will decrease, saving you money as you help out future generations.

Reducing electrical usage by turning off all the lights and appliances is simple. This is not only a free way to help out, but you can also save money at the same time!
Another way you can help is by making sure your thermostat is not turned up too high so enjoy the comfort of wearing a sweater instead. The amount of reduction in toxicity your home produces can be substantial with a change in just a few degrees.

Many people do not understand the benefits to using energy efficient light bulbs, or how that differs from traditional ones. Another benefit that many users of these energy efficient light bulbs discover is an increased amount of savings on their electric bills.

A typical energy efficient bulb can operate for a year or two, making them last much longer than traditional light bulbs. Depending on where you shop, you may be able to buy these lights for around five dollars per multi-pack.

The contributions to combating global warming are not constricted to homeowners, as renters can help to. If you feel cold air sneaking into your house when it shouldn’t, speak to your landlord about making window repairs.

Though many people hesitate to bring items such as the hot water heater or insulating blanket up to their landlord, these tips can result in saving him or her money in the long run.

Not everyone can afford to buy an energy efficient vehicle such as a hybrid, and those people can still help out by examining their day to day transportation habits. First, examine how often you drive and if those drives are really necessary.

Could you walk, join a carpool, or take public transportation instead?

If you want to help fight global warming, you can easily do so by choosing to simply not drive three times you normally would during the week.

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