Future Low Carbon Society

 A Renewable Energy World

Reports from the Japan-UK Low Carbon Society project, state that living in the Low Carbon Society(LCS) is a practical idea from an economical and technical stand point.  With their research models, meeting the 50% cut in greenhouse gases, laid out during the G8 Summit, is something that we must work for, but possible to attain. 
With the help of international support, developing countries can begin to mold their current economic policies into their LCS goals.  These ideas would only work provided that developed countries were actively engaging in further environmental technologies.  Those countries helping to support developing countries would benefit from new jobs and industries.  These innovations would further help developing countries follow the path to a true Low Carbon society. While it is reassuring to know that scientists have workable models for cutting gas emissions, the real test comes in implementing these into the global setting.

So far, G8 Summit members have acknowledged the need for global environmental change, but haven’t appeared to set hard goals and solutions. Of course, this is step one, but implementation needs to follow along with clear and precise actions to meet our goals.

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