Interesting Environmental Links

Recycled tree

Here are a few interesting links from various websites about the environment and nature.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – Listing of endangered species in the United States. Browse the database by category. The list includes extinct plants and animals as well. Interesting to see how many species we have already lost. – User edited news website. Post and reply to environmental and all types of news. Flickr and YouTube links to add media to news stories. Users are ranked by participation which encourages discussion. This site is not huge yet, but a very addicting experience.
Consumer Reports: GreenerChoices – Reviews and advice on Green products from Consumer Reports. Some nice information on making informed decisions about purchasing appliances and other products.

Fire Mountain Solar – Listing of household solar panels starting at about $400. Prices have came down a lot, and will continue to fall, making solar power for the average home a great investment.

These next two are products made from recycled materials.  Interesting ideas for common products.

WorldWise – A manufacturer of pet products made from recycled plastic bottles.
RubberRecycle – RubbeRecycle creates and sells rubber mulch for use in playgrounds and gardens. The mulch is made from recycled rubber tires.

And this photo below is just plain funny. Look closely at the logo.

Don't recycle

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