Iowa creature photos

Here are a few recent photos taken in central Iowa near a pond.  The spider turned out pretty well considering it was already dark by the time the photo was taken which made it especially creepy to be so close to.  I would guess it was half-dollar size.  Though I had hoped to get a top shot, I wasn’t about to stick my face in between the web and a barn about a foot away.  I am sure it will be bigger in a few months once it snags one of the kittens running about.  This colorful moth nearly outshined the Monarchs that were nearby.  I don’t yet know the species, but the patterns on the wings are amazing.

Spider Moth of Iowa


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  1. Hi

    The images are great and very clear, however the “moth” is a butterfly named “Painted Lady” and this year millions of them arrived in the UK from North Africa.
    Keep up the good work!!


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