Green Shipping for Less

Keeping our environment clean is made easier by earth friendly companies who share the same goal of preserving our resources and promoting a healthy earth. 


FGX - Ship Greener.  Ship Direct
FGX – Ship Greener. Ship Direct

First Global Xpress (FGX) is a global shipping company that is taking a greener outlook to shipping packages.  They claim they can cut the distance your shipment travels by 25% therefore reducing the carbon footprint of shipping your package by 30% or more.  FGX uses direct commercial airlines to remove the need for hauling packages through the central hubs of the big shipping companies like FedEx, DHL, or UPS.

FCX has a nice carbon calculator to show just how big the carbon footprint is for shipping a particular package.

If you are reluctant to switch your shipping just yet, check out their New Client Challenge and ship your products free for a week.  The company states, during this offer, your billing information will not be collected and if you are unhappy, you won’t be billed.

Transporting packages all over the world releases huge amounts of emissions, cutting even a portion of those is beneficial to the environment. This company looks to have a solid foundation and a great idea for limiting the impact of international shipping.


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