Garbage Glows Green in Placer County Spotlight

Going green has never been more popular. Look around, and it seems that just about every businesses is tripping over itself to showcase their efforts at embracing sustainability. There are many businesses around the country that have been engaged in sustainability practices for many years, and even they are incorporating the greenness of their efforts as they make over their images. As an example, consider Placer County, California’s Auburn Placer Disposal Service, also known as Placer County’s garbage company.

For decades the business name has been Auburn Placer Disposal Service, but then just in the last couple of years the company has repainted its corporate identity, and now it is known as Recology Auburn Placer. It is the exact same company, doing the exact same thing; however, as it is reinventing its image, it is showcasing its recycling efforts. The company processes more than 100,000 tons of garbage annually, and it has been actively recycling for decades. The company constantly creates new methods for both residential and business customers to participate in recycling programs. With events like residential spring cleanup day, recycling buyback centers and commercial cardboard recycling, Recoloby has very effectively contributed to environmental cleanup efforts. As it continues to help keep the neighborhood clean and the environment healthy, Recology is also taking its bows in the green spotlight.

Going green is good for business, and it is more and more common to find companies announcing when they are acting sustainably. Cities are sponsoring green certification programs to recognize businesses that are doing their part for the environment, and companies that are already in the business of recycling are staking their green claims now. It seems that not only is going green good for the planet, but it is good for business too.

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