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Environmentally friendly products and practices are becoming the way of the world and they are also a major part of life today. With the environment worsening under the weight of problems like pollution, global warming and deforestation, it has become essential that everyone do their best to save the earth from further destruction. Switching to green alternatives, utilizing eco-friendly products and using environmentally friendly practices are a few ways of doing this. To further the impact, businesses around the globe are starting to employ greener business practices, and you can too.

According to a survey conducted by GfK Roper Public Affairs & Media and the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, even during these times of economic instability, many Americans are willing to pay extra for eco-friendly products. Half of the respondents said they would “definitely” or “probably” pay 15 percent more for eco-friendly clothes detergents (51percent) or for an automobile (50 percent). Forty percent said they would spend 15 percent more on “green” computer printer paper and 39 percent would do the same for “green” wood furniture.

As these statistics show, consumers are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious and, therefore, it has become necessary for businesses to follow suit too. The selection of environmentally friendly products and green alternatives has grown exponentially in the last few years. This makes it easy to integrate eco-friendly products and practices into advertising goals and business routines.

A great way that businesses and individuals can show their support for a healthier environment while promoting is through the use of eco-friendly promotional products. One such product is the reusable water bottle, most commonly made out of BPA-free plastics, stainless steel and aluminum. Reusable bottles are a hot commodity right now and the population loves them. Reusable products are a great way to replace disposable products and to cut down on unnecessary waste.

Reusable grocery bags and totes are another great products that can be reused as well. They are very popular right now for retail businesses, grocery stores, tradeshows, business events and promoting. Reusable shopping bags help cut down on the use of disposable bags while potentially gaining exposure for your business or event.

Seeded products and biodegradable paper products are another fantastic choice for businesses looking to grow their brand identity. Items like custom printed seed packets, seed infused business cards, and seeded bookmarks are a great ways to promote any business or event. They help support a healthier environment while providing a fun and memorable promotional item. What better way to promote than by providing a interactive product that you can grow?

Purchasing eco-friendly products is an important way of helping keep the environment as healthy as possible. If everyone makes small steps to make a difference, the impact could be huge, especially if businesses and corporations get involved. Could your company go paperless, switch to energy friendly alternatives, recycle or use eco-friendly promotional items and green office supplies? Look for positive ways you or your business can help the environment and use green alternatives whenever possible.

Strive to make your business leave a positive impact on the environment while building brand credibility with green promotions and eco-friendly practices. A little effort can make a big impact. Start going green today.

Alice Ink is promotional items expert currently working with Absorbent, Ink., the Promotional Products People. Specializing in Promotional Products and Personalized Seed Packs.

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  1. To your point re: “even during these times of economic instability, many Americans are willing to pay extra for eco-friendly products.”, I’ve found this to be true not just for consumers, but also for small businesses.

    I run an Eco Buying Group (the Viv Biz Club) that helps small businesses get discounts on their eco-friendly supplies. Even with our discounts however, these supplies are often times more expensive then a traditional plastic, styrofoam, or virgin paper equivalent.

    Despite the increased expense however, we’re now working with businesses in half the states in the country who have all clearly said that running a socially responsible businesses is worth the extra cost.

    Very cool to see,


    (ps – if you have any research on small business eco purchasing, I’d love to see it)

  2. That’s very interesting… Nice article, thanks for the great share!

    I agree with the point in the article,

    “Purchasing eco-friendly products is an important way of helping keep the environment as healthy as possible.”

  3. I absolutely loved this article! Our company’s focus brings value to home owners through the use of green technologies, such as Geothermal Energy. Solar. Air Quality. Rainwater. etc. I’m very pleased that I found this wonderful blog!

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