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Growing your own vegetables and herbs is highly fashionable again. Not only is it cheaper than buying them, but is also healthier, if they are grown organically. Instead of using chemical fertilizers, it is recommended that you use compost. Making your own compost is not necessarily a pleasure, and often yards are such that they cannot easily accommodate them. So allow me to introduce you to kitchen composting!

As you know, compost is made up of garbage, which rots, reverts to mulch and then to rich soil, and becomes fresh nourishment for your growing plants. For anywhere between $20 for a compost pail, and $500 for a complete unit, you can now buy a kitchen composter, that is small enough to place on a counter, attractive, and convenient.

You scrape your leftover foods into the bucket. Coffee grounds, egg shells, vegetable peelings, tea bags, and any fruit or vegetable parts can be placed in the composter. You cannot put any meat, bones, whole eggs, or dairy products (milk, cheese, etc.), in there. If you purchase the composting pail, you simply carry it out and add it to your compost heap in the yard at your convenience.

If you have but the full composting unit, the leftovers will be scraped into the bucket and usable soil will come out, ready to be placed right in your garden. The charcoal filters protect your kitchen from unwanted odors. They come in good looking crocks made of glazed ceramic that are dishwasher-safe, or bamboo, which is not. Composters are easily available and a convenient change from the stinky compost heap in the back yard!


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