Our Energy Thirsty World Needs Renewable Resources


The world is an energy devouring place and we need to be exploring greener sources of energy to furnish that demand. We also need to see better ways of using the current green energy technology that are already in place. We all need to be interested about the impact that is being placed on our planet and how the high cost of energy is affecting us. The energy that is wasted every day is a sad state of affairs and everyone should take a look at what they could do to be more moderate in their usage. The energy that is wasted every day is a sad state of affairs and everyone should take a look at what they could do to be more cautious in their use. There are solutions to these issues but how inclined have people been to fulfil these solutions at the present.

Wind power has started to become very popular over the last decade as a very real source of renewable energy. The price of the power it creates is becoming very aggressive with established methods of energy production such as coal and natural gas. Power used to be created by windmills in the past on the family farm for many years. The agricultural landscape used to be scattered with them to supply power to pump water. It is a identified fact that the states of Texas, Kansas, and North Dakota have sufficient wind to furnish power for the whole U.S.

Another renewable enegy source that has gotten much press is corn. The ethanol that is formulated from corn is a clean burning energy source and crops can be grown year after year so it is inexhaustible but at what cost. The cost of corn has gone up as the result of this, which is good for the farmer but bad for the consumer. Research has shown that praire grass would do a better job than corn. In reality it generates more energy per acre than corn. Plus you don’t have to cultivate it because it grows wild. It is a chemical free crop that just needs to harvested and processed.
Another renewable enegy source we see and hear more of is solar power. You have the solar panels which convert sunlight into electricity and solar water heater to produce hot water. I’ve read about people who have placed solar energy systems on their homes in areas you wouldn’t think it would work, like Seattle. The payback figures for the system were impressive even for a mostly overcast area like this.

One of the things I like about solar is that it can give the power back into the peoples hands to a large degree. The control of power can be decentralized. Maybe that is one of the reasons why there hasn’t been as much advancement as there should be and why costs remain high. Corporations want to protect their profits and it almost seems they do anything to make that happen.

We all know that oil isn’t going to last forever. If we don’t start doing something about it now than when. Aggressive measure need to be taken to start setting in place and implementing a new energy infrastructure. We can start to benefit from it now but we also need to think of how it is going to be of value to the next generation. Help out by doing something to make renewable energy something we can all enjoy.

You can learn more about solar chargers, wind turbines , and other forms of renewable energy sources by doing more research on the Internet about the subject that interests you the most.

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