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Using waves for energy

Ocean waves are fast becoming an important tool in the race for alternative energy sources. This consistent form of renewable energy has nearly unlimited potential. With oceans covering nearly 70% of the surface of the earth, there is no shortage of powerful waves. Past wave technologies have utilized energy transferred directly from the surface waves […]

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Dead Penguins wash up in Brazil

In Rio De Janeiro, Brazil more than 400 baby penguins have been found dead along the shore. Penguins from Antarctica are being swept from their shores and deposited further north along the South American coast. Strong ocean currents have always brought penguins here but never in the heavy numbers of the past two months. Local […]

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Decline of U.S. reefs

This week, new reports are coming out on the state of the ocean habitats and reefs surrounding the United States. The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration has released the contents of their study which has included at least 270 scientists working throughout the US. The results give us a reason to worry about the future of […]

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