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Conserving Water At Home

The United Nations has warned that within two decades, the majority of the earth’s population could face serious water shortages. If we all become more aware of the amount of water we each consume and make conserving water a part of our daily practices, we will be part of the solution to this looming problem. […]

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Tropical Rainforests – 4 Ways to Stop Deforestation

It’s hard to imagine that we would knowingly destroy something so valuable; could it be that we are destroying them before we realize their worth? Before we truly understand their biodiversity? And even before we fully understand the life and the ecosystems they support? Massive deforestation brings with it many horrifying consequences – air and […]

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Why Go Green – More to the Point, Why Not?

The new Obama administration has indicated a strong focus on developing America’s renewable energy resources. So whether you believe global warming is man-made, or purely a result of the earth’s natural cycles of warming and cooling, now is a perfect time to adopt an individual green lifestyle that will conserve energy, save water and result […]

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