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4 Endangered Animals in Need of Protection

Endangered Wildlife: A Global Issue Across the globe, more and more animal species face extinction. From the rhinos and great apes in Africa, the elephants in Asia, to the tigers in India, animals are becoming increasingly endangered. Conservation organisers have now developed the concept of gap years for adults where people volunteer to do animal […]

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Endangered Species Distribution

The top ten states based on the number of endangered species, as listed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, are shown below.   Hawaii lists 56 animals and 273 plant species.   California lists 130 animals and 170 plant species. Alabama lists 99 animals and 18 plant species. Florida lists 59 animals and 55 […]

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Endangered Species of North America

As human civilization expands, more and more animal habitat is being destroyed and displaced. With the loss of valuable ecosystems, the plight of endangered animals begins to come into focus. Natural predators are forced to compete with humans for food which commonly ends with the loss of livestock or the destruction of the predator. Every […]

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