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Conserving Water At Home

The United Nations has warned that within two decades, the majority of the earth’s population could face serious water shortages. If we all become more aware of the amount of water we each consume and make conserving water a part of our daily practices, we will be part of the solution to this looming problem. […]

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Go Green While Promoting

Environmentally friendly products and practices are becoming the way of the world and they are also a major part of life today. With the environment worsening under the weight of problems like pollution, global warming and deforestation, it has become essential that everyone do their best to save the earth from further destruction. Switching to […]

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Carolina Wetlands in Use and Intact

Wetlands are to nature what kidneys are to the human body. By using these natural kidneys as filters, a South Carolina county is processing wastewater in an energy efficient manner while leaving the wetlands unharmed. In Horry County — South Carolina’s fastest growing county with Myrtle Beach as its hub — a sewage disposal system […]

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