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Beijing showcasing SolarWall technology

Solar power company, Conserval Engineering, has designed its SolarWall technology into the Olympic Village construction of Beijing. The SolarWall PV/T (photovoltaic + solar thermal) incorporates the thermal cells and electrical cells into the same system, allowing complete access to heating and power needs. This process is more efficient than traditional methods as less surface area […]

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Saving Green, One PC at a Time

Most people do not think of their PCs as a large problem for the environment. Add all of the personal computers, servers, monitors, printers, and peripherals together and it is easy to see that the technologies of the last 20 years are a major factor in the amount of energy we consume each year. Luckily […]

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Calculate your carbon plan

Check out this calculator at Yahoo for determining how to lower your carbon footprint. Not only does does this service allow you to pledge to make a difference. It will provide you with many great ideas for reducing your carbon in interesting ways. Login with your Yahoo! ID and pledge your support for our environment.

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