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Is Something Missing From the Green Movement?

Earth Day, 2009 has passed. The popularity of the organic lifestyle or green living has traveled far and has reached international proportions. However, are we missing a major green component? The green lifestyle has become a new way of life for politicians, celebrities and consumers. In fact, support for protecting our climate and environment has become […]

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What Are You Doing to Help?

With the planet in so much peril of just burning up all resources that are used to exist, it is little wonder that many are jumping on the bandwagon of living green in order to save what is left of the earth. There has definitely been a major concern that future generations will not have […]

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Green Living – Why I Made the Decision to Go Green

By Kathryn Lambert Until July, 2007, I lived in Michigan. Green living wasn’t really part of my life. Like all of my friends, I complained about my electric bill (especially in the winter!), I worried about the rising costs of things like food and gas, and I made an effort at eco friendly activities like recycling. […]

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