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Biodiesel from Algae

Algae are a major renewable source of oil that can be used in the manufacture of biodiesel.  A New Zealand company was the first to develop a system for using sewage waste as a substrate for growing algae.  The algae were then used to make fuel. Biodiesel is now generally prepared with vegetable oils and […]

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Pond scum power: Algae a way to create fuel

  Found on The green slime or pond scum that comes from algae could be valuable after all. Renewable Energy Group of Ames says it has developed a process that takes the oil from algae and turns it into biodiesel fuel. “Algae oil would give us a third option as a biodiesel feedstock after […]

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Harvesting Algae for Biodiesel

Rising oils prices are causing hard times for many Americans, but these record costs are having some unexpected effects on the future of efficient energy.  Biodiesel production has been a hot topic lately though many problems can arise from the substitution of prime food crop land for biodiesel crops.  Many studies are showing that growing […]

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