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Pelican Festival at Saylorville Lake, Iowa

Sunday, September 7th, the annual Pelican Festival was held at Saylorville Lake near Ankeny, Iowa. Though the day was overcast and even the rain visited a couple times, a few thousand pelicans could be seen resting and catching small fish throughout the mud flats of Saylorville Lake at Jester Park. Every year, thousands of pelicans […]

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Pond scum power: Algae a way to create fuel

  Found on The green slime or pond scum that comes from algae could be valuable after all. Renewable Energy Group of Ames says it has developed a process that takes the oil from algae and turns it into biodiesel fuel. “Algae oil would give us a third option as a biodiesel feedstock after […]

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7th Annual Des Moines: River Run Garbage Grab

Des Moines, Iowa: On Saturday, the Polk Country Conservation Board hosted the 7th annual River Run Garbage Grab to clean up trash and debris along the Des Moines River south of the Saylorville Reservoir. Canoes, kayaks, and motorboats were launched along the river, by volunteers, to scour the banks and sandbars. Throughout the morning hours, […]

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