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Coral Reef Dilemma!

“Sometime the most delicious things are those which are left for imagination”; the world beneath sea is still a mystery for many of us. It’s an entirely different world, the beauty of oceanic creatures, plants, vegetation, coral reefs are precisely a pleasant sight. But due to sudden change in the earth’s climate, this under water […]

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Marine Turtle conservation being ramped up as populations decline

Marine turtle populations have declined drastically over recent years and now of the known 7 species, all are considered protected under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). By acknowledging the bleak situation we have created for sea turtles, multi-national programs have began to collaborate resources in an effort to protect the nesting grounds and ocean habitats […]

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Non-native species affecting U.S. coasts, rivers, and streams.

Native fish species have evolved over time to counter threats of bacteria, fungus, disease, and other native predatory species.  By adapting to the gradually changing environment, many of the species present today have became extremely robust in dealing with external pressures.  Until fairly recently though, native U.S. fish species have had little reason to adapt […]

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