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Non-native species affecting U.S. coasts, rivers, and streams.

Native fish species have evolved over time to counter threats of bacteria, fungus, disease, and other native predatory species.  By adapting to the gradually changing environment, many of the species present today have became extremely robust in dealing with external pressures.  Until fairly recently though, native U.S. fish species have had little reason to adapt […]

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Dead Penguins wash up in Brazil

In Rio De Janeiro, Brazil more than 400 baby penguins have been found dead along the shore. Penguins from Antarctica are being swept from their shores and deposited further north along the South American coast. Strong ocean currents have always brought penguins here but never in the heavy numbers of the past two months. Local […]

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Loss of New Orleans Islands

Once again the islands off of Louisiana are in jeopardy due to Hurricane Katrina and following storms.  Extreme winds and rising water levels are washing away huge sections of this important series of islands.  With the decrease in vegetation on the island, erosion carries away the sand, effectively carving out the islands and returning them […]

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