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Our Energy Thirsty World Needs Renewable Resources

The world is an energy devouring place and we need to be exploring greener sources of energy to furnish that demand. We also need to see better ways of using the current green energy technology that are already in place. We all need to be interested about the impact that is being placed on our planet […]

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Offshore drilling resistance evaporating

Today, the Worldwatch Institute published an article detailing a decline in offshore drilling opposition in sharp contrast to the year 1982 when the drilling moratorium was enacted. Further expansions by George H. W. Bush in 1990 extended the moratorium to include the coasts of Florida, California and New England. With the presidency of Clinton in […]

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New map for Arctic Territories drawn

On Wednesday, a map outlining current claims and agreements, was drawn up of future Arctic territories, by a group of British researchers. This map is meant to recognize potential disputed territories and gather all claims into one source. The lands underneath the receding ice sheets hold the potential to house large quantities of natural resources. […]

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