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Hard Times Present Opportunities to Save Money While Going Green

In today’s challenging economic climate there are many ways to save money and move towards a rewarding green lifestyle at the same time. While the larger, Government sponsored, projects require huge upfront costs that may take years to recover, most individual, environmentally friendly products repay their upfront cost very quickly with the day to day savings […]

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CSP – Solar Thermal Electricity

There are predominantly two types of solar power generation methods used to create electricity on a commercial scale. Photovoltaic panels, which are the large collections of the systems that you see in small scale on house roofs. Concentrating solar power (CSP) uses thermal solar power, the heat of the sun, to produce environmentally friendly energy. […]

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Alternative Energy Is Our Future

The availability of alternative energy comes in many different forms. One of these is solar power: Solar power is driven by photovoltaic cells, and these are progressively getting less expensive and more advanced. There aren’t any areas where solar power cannot be utilised including: generating electricity and hot water plus of course it has the […]

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