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When the Rivers Run Dry

We tend to think of water as a renewable resource. To a large extent, that is true. On the macro level, the water cycle does ensure that roughly the same amount of water is always on the planet. However, on micro levels, for individual communities, that is a bit of a fallacy.

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IBM’s World Community Grid – Computing for Healthy Water

IBM’s philanthropic arm is currently funding a number of water-related research projects to help improve water quality throughout the world. Members of World Community Grid can donate their idle computer time to help researchers discover better and more efficient methods of keeping our rivers, lakes, and watersheds free of pollution. Over 520,000 registered members have […]

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What Causes Water Pollution?

If there is something that seriously affects everyone is, Water pollution. Over 40% of the rivers and 46% of the lakes in America are too polluted to fish in, swim in, or maintain marine life. There are many causes of water pollution. Water pollution come from two different types of sources. 1) Pollutants being emitted […]

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