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Conserving Water At Home

The United Nations has warned that within two decades, the majority of the earth’s population could face serious water shortages. If we all become more aware of the amount of water we each consume and make conserving water a part of our daily practices, we will be part of the solution to this looming problem. […]

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Poor water quality being addressed by UN

The earth’s most abundant resource, and still we have trouble finding adequate clean drinking water for nearly 1 billion people worldwide. Climate forecasts can play a role in planning for meteorological events that contaminate and pollute water reserves. With pollution levels rising and frequent flooding throughout the world, advanced warning and proper monitoring could help […]

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7th Annual Des Moines: River Run Garbage Grab

Des Moines, Iowa: On Saturday, the Polk Country Conservation Board hosted the 7th annual River Run Garbage Grab to clean up trash and debris along the Des Moines River south of the Saylorville Reservoir. Canoes, kayaks, and motorboats were launched along the river, by volunteers, to scour the banks and sandbars. Throughout the morning hours, […]

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