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Ammonia For Energy Storage

Fossil fuels, hydrogen, and ammonia are all just energy transport means. These materials are not a “source” of energy… they are all made from available energy sources and represent a viable means of transporting energy which I will refer to as a “fuel”. For applications such as transportation, a high energy density fuel is required […]

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Selling Power Back to the Utilities

Selling power back to your utility company can be easy. Essentially you use a solar or wind powered source for energy during the day and it supplies energy back to a grid, causing your utility meter to run backwards. Then, when it is dark outside or windy, the meter starts to roll forward again. This […]

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Using Renewable Energy To Slash Your Power Bills

With every hike in the price of electricity, more and more people are thinking about using renewable energy for at least part of their regular supply. What type of renewable energy you decide to use will likely be decided by whereabouts you live. If you enjoy a reasonable climate and the sun shines for much […]

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