Efficient Lighting at Lightfair International 2009

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For one of the first times since its invention, lighting is taking center stage. One of the keys to developing a more energy efficient, “greener” world, lighting technology has become highly efficient. Where as other forward-looking measures to save energy, such as bio-fuels and wind farms, are still developing, effective lighting technology is available now. Yet, 85% of existing buildings are still being lit by dated, inefficient systems.

This is just one of the focuses of Lightfair International 2009, the world’s largest lighting trade show and conference. This event, which kicked off on May 5th in New York City, is focusing not only on the need for more efficient lighting and lighting innovation, but also how the latest U.S. government stimulus package will effect this green initiative and the lighting industry as a whole.

At the center of this discussion is Philips, the world’s largest lighting company and the company leading the way in solid state and other energy efficient lighting, as well as assisting governments around the world in the establishment of minimum lighting standards.

For more on Philips at Lightfair International 2009 please visit inr.mediaseed.tv/Philips_36509.

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