Samsung’s Blue Earth Dream

blue-earth-3Samsung continues to up the ante of their sustainability plan with their latest release of the Blue Earth cellphone. The cell phone is made from recycled water bottles and all materials are free from harmful substances found in typical electronics like brominated flame retardants, beryllium and phthalate. The touch screen design incorporates solar panels on the back of the phone allowing the user to charge the phone on the go, as well as a low energy consumption charger. Enhancing the low impact design is the energy saving “eco mode” and “eco walk” pedometer feature allowing users to measure how many CO2 emissions have been eliminating by walking as opposed to driving.

Samsung’s admirable Blue Earth Dream initiative is to reduce CO2 emissions and save energy at every stage of the product life cycle, creating an effective response to climate change. Cell phone waste is rampant with more than 500 million used cell phones littering landfills. These discarded cell phones contain lead, mercury, beryllium, arsenic, cadmium, and antimony…all of which are toxic when incinerated or leaked into groundwater supplies. This phone eliminates those toxic materials while using post consumer recycled plastic called PCM.

The Blue Earth is defintley worth a look and if you do buy a new phone….please recycle your old phone! Otherwise it ends up in our air and water.

Source: Conservation

Written by Shane Petersen
Windermere Real Estate/Northwest, Inc.
Realtor – Certified EcoBroker

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