Renting as a Green Concept

Author: Lisa Whitaker

So everyone is talking about going green.  Sure, you’re not tooling a round the suburbs in an armored tank, but are you doing what you can to lower your impact on the environment?

There are lots of industries built around using your guilt over the state of the environment as a catalyst for their profit.  With all the things you can buy, there is almost always a green alternative.  But here’s another alternative – how about if you don’t BUY at all?

Any environmentalist worth their snuff will tell you that reducing your consumption is the best way to reduce your negative effect on our globe.  The less you buy, the less you waste; it’s that simple.

But sometimes, there are things you really need, or that you really want, whether you need them or not.  Here’s a novel idea – Rent!

Do you like spending a few weekends each summer on the lake?  Instead of buying a boat that you have to pay to store during all the times you’re not able to make it to the water, why not rent a boat when you want to get away?  Maybe you’re taking the kids and you need a pontoon boat, or you’re heading out for a waterskiing weekend and you need a high powered ski boat.  If you’ve got enough friends or family, renting a houseboat, might be a great weekend trip, too.  If you’re renting, you can tailor what you’re using to what you need in any given situation.  And, you can feel good about taking steps toward a greener world.

If you’re traveling with a baby, you know how much baggage can come with it.  Now that airlines are charging for everything you want to bring on board, it can get pretty expensive, too.  And, if you buy baby items to use once you reach your destination, a lot of those get thrown away or left behind when you head home.  To avoid that excess consumption, take advantage of companies that you can rent baby equipment like cribs, swings, toys and strollers.  It’s not only less expensive; it also helps keep you greener.

Thinking of throwing a party?  Decorating for a 50th Anniversary or a super sweet sixteen party can be a lot of fun – and a huge strain on your budget.  You can save that money for the food & entertainment when you rent party decorations.  Renting decorations also leads to less cheap, disposable decorations which means your celebration won’t be a downer for the environment.  From some companies, you can even rent Christmas decorations – you can go all out and still afford to actually buy some gifts.

It’s true that we’re a nation of consumers, but we’re also consumers who are starting to take a greater interest in the effect of our consumption on our planet.  It’s a great idea to cut back on purchases, and renting is an option that still lets you enjoy some of the finer things in life.

So the next time you’re considering a purchase, reconsider.  Renting is an option that can save you money, and can do at least a little bit to save the planet.

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